Learning Outcomes

Create student autonomy to prepare them for post DUT

Focus on the students & the language rather than the teacher

Answer the individual needs of the students regarding different levels of English & different work environments

Diffuse the learning throughout the year, including periods in company. Integrating English on a weekly / daily habit

Better prepare the periods in class, & use this time more wisely on speaking, correction, individual attention


Hours available 76h

2/3 class : 2 periods x 3 weeks  x 2 hTP  + 3 periods of 2hTP = 48 hours

1/3 distance learning : 4 periods x 4 hours = 16 hours

Innovative learning : 1.5h Escape Game, 2.5h Telephoning, 3h Aeronautical visits (Aeroscopia, Cité de l'Espace), 2.5h Skype job Interviews = 12 hours